Launched for the first time in Vietnam in 1998, the Part time Master in Public Management program is dedicated to managers and policy-makers who are ambitious to make changes in and improve the effectiveness of the public sector. It offers a unique curriculum of courses delivered by a faculty of top European professors, experts and professionals. It is an action-oriented program: practical and field focused.

From Intake 7 (2012), we updated MPM programs to better train managers in the public sector and policy-makers for this dynamic, fast changing yet integrated world. Our program now incorporates four practical parts:

  • The first part will  lead students to understand the overall context surrounding the management of public administrations and non-governmental organizations now and in the coming years
  • The second part will be  dedicated to specific issues related to emerging countries,  especially among them the need for performing and ethical public governance
  • Management tools and techniques applied in and adapted for the public and non-profit sector will be the key elements of the third part
  • Finally in the fourth part, students will have the opportunity to enhance their competences in leadership and team building while preparing a case study on their own organization

Who should attend?

The program is targeted at accomplished officials whose leadership role is acknowledged within their own organizations and who possess the potential to advance to more senior positions and to meet the challenges of effective leadership and good governance,

Candidates must have a university degree and show a clear interest for boosting their career in public sector and public-oriented organizations. They should be determined to look for opportunities to develop and strengthen their research and analytical skills, enabling them to perform problem-solving activities across a broad spectrum of professional disciplines.

This program will enable participants to acquire top level knowledge from renowned and experienced professors and experts. Students (max 40 carefully selected) will become better in their jobs and increase the overall level of professionalism and performance in their organisation.